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the bridal posing guide

the bridal posing guide

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a guide packed with information & prompts to help guide you at your next wedding.

there's so much more to photographing couples than just snapping a photo of two people kissing or holding hands—but getting couples comfortable enough to be able to pull that genuine emotion out of them that most photo & video creators want isn't always easy.

in this guide, i highlight my communication, planning, and styling techniques as well as my personal go-to prompts while shooting couples during their wedding.

what's included?

  • 40 total pages, including information on communication and poses for bridal party, individual portraits + more
  • 28 prompts + information on how i guide my couples into them
  • photo references for each pose
  • full desktop PDF of the bridal posing guide
  • condensed pocket (mobile) PDF of the bridal posing guide

who is this for?

  • photographers & videographers who want to add to their arsenal of versatile, creative prompts and poses for their couples

***because these are digital products, there are no refunds or returns after purchase. reproduction and/or redistribution of this product in any way, shape, or form is strictly prohibited.

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